by Maurice de Laat

Designing an extensible undo/redo history using TypeScript and the Command Pattern.

In desktop applications, the ability to undo or redo a user’s latest action has already become ubiquitous many years ago. So it’s not surprising that, with web applications replacing their desktop counterparts more and more, users are just expecting it from modern web applications as well. The good news is that implementing an undo history doesn’t have to be hard. However, implementing it right from the beginning can save you a lot of headache later on.

When I started the development of JitBlox, I also decided that I wanted to offer undo-functionality right from the start. JitBlox is built with Angular, so a quick search for angular undo history already gave lots of useful links. However, most of the solutions I found were coupled to libraries that solved a lot more than just undo/redo. While that might be a good thing if one of these libraries fit within your architecture, I wanted to keep my implementation of such a key feature to be as much as possible framework-independent. …


Maurice de Laat

Freelance software designer | Creator of JitBlox online prototyping environment and Yellicode, an open source code generation platform based on TypeScript/Node.

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